Are you positive? Ask your dog.


I think most dog owners want to be as kind, gentle and humane as possible, while still effectively training their dogs.  If you read training blogs, you might start to think that withholding rewards is rather…punishing.  Others claim that rewards and punishments have a ying yang relationship.  You cannot have one without the other.

Many of these blogs have a technique-centric approach.  For example, cookies are positive.  Hitting a dog is punishment.  Verbal corrections (No! or Eh eh) are punishment.  Petting and praise are rewards.

If you think this is true, then you would be very wrong.

The DOG determines if you are using the carrot or the stick.  You, the human, trainer, owner do NOT get to determine what is naughty or nice.  Technique-centric trainers are wrong because they are presuming to know how the dog feels and thinks about various consequences.  They are painting all dogs with the…

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Book Trailer “Chaser” by John W. Pilley


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What the Dog Knows

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How Dogs Love Us

http://youtu.be/eVw1zs2X3iA Very exciting new research by Greg Berns!

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Dogs Are People, Too by Gregory Berns

Dogs Are People, Too by Gregory Berns NY Times Article