shutting a dog down

Nancy Tanner

It isn’t hard to shut your dog down, lots of people do it. Shutting a dog down means ‘taking the wind out of their sails’. It is an effective way to let a dog know they have no choices, and it is your way, period.

Family pet owners to seasoned professionals are capable of doing this, mostly when their desires are stronger than their observational skills.

A calm puppy is not anything I would expect or look for, and for sure not an adolescent dog. Calm comes from time, maturity, and consistent information over time.  Seeing bits and pieces of a behavior, and knowing that the information is consistent over time, allowing for error, is simply the best way to train! The biggest, BIGGEST mistake I see over and over is people mistaking CALM for what is really a SHUT DOWN DOG.

If you have competed in a dog sport…

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